Hey there! Who am I? I’ve somewhat figured it out, so I’ll give it a go …

I’m a 26 year old male; software engineer by passion and profession. When I’m not watching a talk from a conference or wasting time keeping in touch with the latest in tech on twitter X, I’m chipping away on my rust learning path. And I’m usually listening to music. Professionally, for the past few years I’ve mainly been working on developing backend frameworks for the JVM while maintaining some microservices with cross-cutting concerns. Currently I’m leading the backend platform team at 99 Acres. Oh, and I got married to the love of my life in 2023!

In the past I’ve worked on Android Development, both in java & kotlin and liked using python (read: writing pythonic code) or kotlin (read: writing idiomatic (partially?) functional code) for some other stuff. I love customizing linux (I use arch, btw) and android, although I get to spend lesser and lesser time doing it. As my career has progressed, I’ve found myself venturing more & more into the PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) rabbit hole, and currently I’m in the process of switching over from Notion to Obsidian.

My drive to develop is to create software that makes something easier for someone, somewhere. I pride myself as being an active member of the developer community and like giving back whenever and however I can. I value best practices and believe that a programming language is more than just syntax: it’s a philosophy, a way of thinking.

Interested? Discover me @ GitHub and Catch me @ twitter X or linkedin!