The Joy of Hackable Tools

Cover image a bearded man hacking away on a screen, generated using Dall-E via copilot
We often consider a lot of factors when selecting the tools that make our lives tick. However, there is one thing that is likely overlooked during these contemplations: The joy that one gets from being able to hack away at the tools, being able to code into existence whatever you can think of. A tale recounting the discovery of this joy through a couple experiences.
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Developing an Android App in 2019

Cover image with bitotsav logo in centre, kotlin logo on left and jetpack logo on right
Embracing the ’new’ Android: A journey from having developed an app in 2017 to leveraging everything fresh (read: alpha) and hot (read: best practices) in android development landscape in 2019 to develop an app for Bitotsav 19, BIT Mesra’s annual socio-cultural fest, in 3 weeks!
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